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Executive Coaching

Would you like more freedom and fulfilment in your life? Not the holiday-type of freedom but actually the opposite: the experience of freedom and fulfilment right here now, in the hectic of your dynamic career and a full private life.

Learn how to create a place of learning and where critique is a dim voice. Where you have a strong opinion yet can tell the difference from judging. Where there is calm without dozing off. Where you recognise how you are getting in your own way and gently create more space for what you truly want.

The source of that freedom and fulfilment resides inside yourself. But you already guessed that. Let’s take it step by step, starting with your current challenge at hand. Either in work or outside. Motivated by frustration or longing.

Shall we explore how I work and how I may support you? Email me with what you want to work on at

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