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Get the Most out of Life

Experience more well-being and fulfilment in life and work with personal coaching by Françoise Gielen. Let me guide you to be who you are at your best. I offer coaching for individuals seeking personal growth as well as professional development. As a coach I combine spiritual practice with a quantitative business background.



Guidance & Inspiration

Curious about meditation can do for you? Or already familiar with it but not been able to set up a sustainable practice? I can help you find the practice that suits you and help you integrate meditation into your life so you can find more ease, flow and fulfillment.  Maybe one of the best gifts you will ever give to yourself.

Based on my 20 years practice and meditation study with Gitta Bellin, PotentialProject and several other teachers, I have guided hundreds of people in setting up their own meditation/mindfulness practice. Either individually or in groups.

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