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yourself and others

Ever so often our vision is clouded by our assumptions, interpretations and projections, which we unconsciously take for reality. The ultimate act of leadership is to liberate ourselves from those clouds and create a clear view on what is really going on. So we can take the most helpful act from there. For ourself, our team and organisation. Let me guide you to do so and become who you are at your highest potential.


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Guidance, inspiration and effective coaching for teams and professional organizations.

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Training, coaching and programs for managers and leaders of teams. Learn to lead from your entire being.

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Coaching and meditation for individuals seeking personal growth as well as professional development. Meditation is also available for in-company groups
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Unlock your potential in facilitation with this intensive development program.

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“I do not have an ultimate life-dream as many seem to have’’, I said. “Yes you do”, my partner replied. “You want to become yourself". He was spot on. I have come very very close since and still work in progress. Which I enjoy tremendously. Even more so when helping leaders on their way back to Self. 

I can clearly see hidden potential in people and organisations and where it gets blocked. Together we'll work to realise this potential through tapping into your full intelligence and expanding consciousness. My aim is to increase your impact, well-being and fulfilment in life and work. Clients say I am inspiring, challenging, empathic, authentic, co-creative, intuitive and goal oriented.


I combine a solid, quantitative business background with a profound insight in the human factor. My carreer started on 1995 at KLM as a management trainee. 10 years later, when I was a Marketing Director, I decided to switch carreers to the world of personal & organisational development. As an independent entrepreneur but also as a leader of a.o. Aberkyn/McKinsey. These days I enjoy my freedom as a freeelancer.  Check out my full professional profile as a leader and coach/facilitator here


What else do I enjoy? Basking in the lots of love in my life, especially from my husband and kids. Spending time with friends, dancing, good wine & food, sailing, walking, reading and spiritual practice and study.


So this is part of my story. I would love to hear about yours. 

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+31(0)6 13 13 89 89

Portraits by Diane van der Marel

"Perfection is that things are as they are.
And that they are not what they are not."

Gita Bellin


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